Renew Europe will keep on pushing for a European migration and asylum system worthy of the name

Today the European Commission presented its long-delayed plan for EU migration and asylum. It was not a moment too early. It has been clear for a long time that the European Union's approach to migration and asylum is not fit for purpose. For years, Europe has been stuck in an unsustainable situation where we condemn deaths at sea but uphold an asylum system that forces people to migrate irregularly. With the Commission's long-awaited proposal on the table, finally, a process can start to build up a sustainable migration and asylum system. The Commission, the Council and the European Parliament must now sit down together and cooperate to get in place a new system that can stand the test of time and Renew Europe will play a central role in shaping legislation and building a stronger system.

Renew Europe is pleased to see that the Commission presented proposals such as more efficient procedures and mutually beneficial and positive partnerships with third countries, which our group suggested already in our Renew Europe vision paper for Europe’s Migration and Asylum Policy earlier this year. Nevertheless, we are deeply disappointed by the lack of concrete proposals on legal migration. Renew Europe has for many years demanded a new comprehensive and ambitious migration and asylum system, built on our shared values of solidarity, human rights and respect for the rule of law, and we will keep on pushing for a system worthy of the name in the coming negotiations. 

The President of Renew Europe, Dacian Cioloş (USR PLUS, Romania), commented:

”The European Union has been dragging its feet for too long, unable to bring solutions, when we all know that only common approaches will be up to the challenge. We need to build a truly European asylum and migration system that is based on EU values, solidarity and rule of law. The Commission package is a basis to build on and does contains a lot of the proposals Renew Europe called for in its position paper last January, which we welcome. As co-legislators, Renew Europe will work constructively with the Commission and the Council to deliver a real European approach to migration. It is time to get down to work - we ask the European Council to join us and now commit to make real progress.”


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