Renew Europe ready to deliver a more effective & capable Union

Ahead of the presentation of the Working Programme of the European Commission, Renew Europe has finalised an intensive internal reflection process to draw up its priorities for each parliamentary committee, in order to anticipate  the up-coming initiatives to be tabled by the European Commission. In the context of Brexit, more than ever a new common dynamic is needed. The European Union must deliver for its Citizens and act as a united voice in the world.

Building on last summer’s agreement on the Guidelines of the European Commission, which reflected widely Renew Europe’s priorities, the Group has defined more detailed orientations for each of its  core political initiatives for the mandate.

A new generation of pro-Europeans has a new set of European ideals. To achieve this, we have set out an ambitious, pragmatic programme to defend the rule of law, to be a frontrunner in innovation, to preserve the environment, to create job growth and opportunities, to strengthen the European Union’s role in the world and to modernise our institutions around 4 key directions:

  • Promoting European values
  • Investing in a sustainable future
  • A stronger economy & opportunity for all
  • A Europe that can deliver for its citizens also at international level


Renew Europe President Dacian Cioloș said:

“We must draw all lessons from Brexit and launch a new dynamic for the European project. Renew Europe is ready to start delivering on the priorities of this mandate with clear common vision and high expectations for  the future proposals of the Commission. This mandate should be the mandate of a Renewed Europe. Protecting the rule of law and countering the populists and nationalists, finding solutions not only to achieve our 2050 climate neutral target, but also to transform this generational project into opportunities and prosperity; becoming a front runner in the digital world while at the same time enhancing individual rights and freedom ; fighting for the internal market, fair competition and against tax evasion and money laundering. All these ambitions  require tangible solutions and actions from the European Union, with a responsibility not only to set targets and objectives but also to find the right policy tools to achieve those objectives. It is because we believe in Europe that we want to renew it!”

Please find here our key priorities