Renew Europe pledges to scrutinise provisional Brexit deal closely

Renew Europe has today welcomed the conclusion of Brexit talks ahead of the end of the transition period and is committed to scrutinising the provisional agreement reached today before a European Parliament consent vote next year. 

While we welcome the agreement, which promises to provide much needed certainty for businesses and citizens, Renew Europe regrets that, due to the British Government’s choices and tactics, the European Parliament will not be able to scrutinise and consider its consent in 2020. The European Parliament must have access to the negotiated texts as soon as possible.

President of Renew Europe, Dacian Cioloș, said today: 

"I welcome that an agreement has today been reached. The agreement will certainly contribute to mitigate the damage of Brexit and provide certainty for European citizens and businesses.

I am confident that the agreement will also contribute to building a balanced and solid relation between the European Union and the United Kingdom in the coming years. The EU and the UK need to remain close friends and partners to the benefit of both European and British citizens."

"I would like to thank Michel Barnier for his tireless work. The EU has shown exceptional unity throughout this process.

"Renew Europe deeply regrets that the European Parliament will not be able to scrutinize the text and provide its consent before of the end of the year, in the regular manner, due to UK’s government negotiating tactics which led to significant delays. Under no circumstance, this cannot set a precedent for future trade and partnership agreements.

The members of Renew Europe will democratically scrutinize the text of the agreement as soon as possible, bearing in mind the interest of the European citizens".