No space for the ‘toxic populism’ of Fidesz in mainstream European politics

Renew Europe has today welcomed the de facto expulsion of Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz movement from the EPP Group in the European Parliament. For years, the EPP have shamefully provided legitimacy to Fidesz as they systematically deconstruct liberal democracy in Hungary.

President of Renew Europe, Dacian Cioloş said:

‘I welcome the long overdue departure of Fidesz and Viktor Orbán from mainstream European politics. Under Orbán, Fidesz has eroded democracy in Hungary & vandalised European values. Hungarian citizens, who are also European citizens, deserve a Government who will expand their rights, not undermine them. It is regrettable the EPP have harbored the slide to authoritarianism in Hungary for so long. There is no space for the toxic populism of Fidesz in mainstream European politics.’