Istanbul Convention: Renew Europe stands with the women of Poland

Responding to statements by the Polish Justice minister and media reports that the Polish Government is considering withdrawing Poland from the Istanbul Convention, the Renew Europe Group today condemns any such move and expresses its solidarity with the women of Poland. Poland is fully expected to commit to the Istanbul Convention. Withdrawing from this Convention would represent a further dangerous shift away from EU values and fundamental rights.

Renew Europe also calls on the Council to urgently conclude the EU ratification of the Istanbul Convention — the first international instrument to set legally binding standards to prevent gender-based violence — and urges the European Commission to move forward in the implementation of the EU action plan to tackle domestic violence, proposed by Renew Europe in the wake of an increase in violence against women during the COVID19 pandemic throughout Europe.

Dacian Cioloş, President of Renew Europe said:

'An unambiguous clarification is needed on Poland's commitment not only to remain a Member of the Istanbul Convention but also to honour its obligations. Today, I expect the Polish Prime Minister to strongly remind his ministers that they would be better off spending their energy on combating the violence suffered by women, rather than making irresponsible statements that play with the lives of victims of domestic violence. Using the fight against the Istanbul Convention as an instrument to try to display conservative ' values ' is a pitiful & pathetic move that must be firmly sanctioned. The women of Poland deserve enhanced rights and better protection. »

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