#RenewDemocracy --- Hungary and Poland cannot be allowed to trash the EU’s Rule of Law mechanism

Responding to the news that the Governments of Hungary and Poland have lodged challenges at the European Court of Justice targeting the EU’s Rule of Law conditionality mechanism, Renew Europe has reconfirmed its commitment to do ‘whatever it takes’ to ensure the European Parliament and the European Commission defend the regulation and ensure its long overdue application.

At the initiative of Renew Europe, the European Parliament will adopt a resolution on the application of the Rule of Law conditionality mechanism during its plenary session of the 24th/25th March. Renew Europe intends to table a resolution setting a deadline for the European Commission to fulfil its obligations, or face legal action under Article 265 TFEU.

Dacian Cioloş, President of Renew Europe, said:

‘Renew Europe will do whatever it takes to defend the Rule of Law conditionality mechanism we campaigned so hard for. The legal challenge of the Hungarian and Polish Governments will not go unanswered. EU law must be defended from illiberal Governments, who want to line their pockets with European taxpayer’s money while trashing our core values. Renew Europe expects the Parliament to defend the validity of the regulation before the Court of Justice and will request to proceed in an expedited procedure. We expect the European Commission to do the same and also to act immediately to apply the regulation, or face legal action.’